dark doom honey

how to furnish an apartment when your job is grading math homework?

when to bring all furniture to the apt?

haven’t even signed a lease yet?

how to sublet an empty apartment???


lavender hair 

PABLO PICASSO, Head, 1948. Ink on paper.

Came back from DU which was lamelamelameee and Archit said, “Yeah I assumed so since you came ho- I mean back so early damn I almost said ‘since you came home.’” I guess south is home? I never game it much thought when I’d say “go home.” I think I usually just say “go back to south.”


Tokyo, Japan. By Sol March

Many pleasant encounters today

Some kids were fucking around on the L and the conductor was yelling at them over the intercom and the man I was sitting next to laughed and said to me, “that’s what happens when the weather changes.”

Guy at Treasure Island who helped me find coconut water asked me if it was any good, and I tried to describe to him what it tasted like.

Police officer I walked by when I was holding hydrangeas asked me if I’d bought them for him.

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